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This small list of brand domains represents less than one eighth of around 680 pending applications. The potential collective impact on the internet is significant — given the immense resources and market power of these global corporations.

NOTE: IDNs (internationalized domain names) such as brand names in Chinese or Arabic scripts are not currently covered by this site.





The .progressive Dot Brand

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is one of the largest auto insurance groups in the USA. It is the USA's largest writer of private passenger auto insurance through independent agents and the group also offers various other types of property and casualty insurance. More than 27,000 people work for Progressive in more than 600 offices.

Since its inception, Progressive has strived to make vehicle insurance easy and accessible by offering distinctive product, experience and service offerings. As examples of company innovations, it was the first to sell auto insurance online and the world's first major auto insurance group to launch a website.

Progressive's products are offered through insurance agents and brokers — and online.

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Progressive's award-winning websites are vital to its business, leveraging technology to create innovative and effective consumer experiences.

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Progressive is seeking to operate the proposed .progressive TLD as an exclusive, single owner registry to further its business mission and enhance its reputation and leadership position. It will improve business operations, resonate with consumer expectations and help meet the challenges of a competitive market.

With advances in technology, consumers correspondingly expect more from their online experience. Progressive anticipates that its new brand domains will allow it to offer innovative services not previously possible in the traditional domain space. The company hopes to establish new online brand conventions and consumer brand relationships to enable it to "establish a leadership rather than a reactive position". of the primary goals of the proposed .progressive gTLD is to leverage the opportunities within this domain structure... position Progressive at the forefront of the industry in its ability to set and meet future consumer expectations...

The .progressive extension will create a "connected digital presence and personalized brand experience" for customers, claimants, employees, investors, the media and partners into the future. The string will simplify navigation to company content which in turn will be consistent and up-to-date. Interaction will be streamlined. The TLD will "unify the full breadth of products and services offered by Progressive". There are many potential benefits for all stakeholders.

Through greater use of online tools by customers, Progressive expects to further streamline business processes, reduce turnaround times, provide more personalized service and improve overall customer service delivery and satisfaction.

The .progressive string will provide a new platform for the Applicant to launch new marketing and advertising campaigns. This new media avenue will protect and strengthen Progressive's portfolio of brands & trademarks and help to consolidate its existing domain name collection.

It will expand the group's ability to:

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...coalesce Progressive's different domain names (e.g.,,,, etc.) and give the public one Web destination to get information about and interact with Progressive...

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Progressive is making plans for a wide ranging communications campaign to launch the TLD which it believes will be critical in building a high level of trust and confidence in the new channel.

...Progressive anticipates incorporating messaging regarding .progressive as part of appropriate company and product communication campaigns that will likely involve all communication channels, including but not limited to, TV, radio, mobile, print, social media, direct mail, online advertising and marketing...

The .progressive TLD will help to facilitate secure online interaction with individuals and entities. Its exclusivity will enhance consumer confidence and trust. Consumers will understand that the TLD will be free of worries such as cybersquatting.

Progressive, in association with its registry provider Afilias, will maintain strong anti-abuse policies to prevent any malicious use of domain names which could cause harm to Internet users. Hence any negative actions such as fraud, malware distribution, phishing, pharming, spam, fast flux hosting, botnet command & control, cybersquatting or hacking and so on will be actively guarded against.

The Applicant's sole registry status in conjunction with sophisticated investigation and resolution procedures in the event of any inappropriate use of a domain seems certain to assure the security of the .progressive TLD. Progressive will also continue its existing firm commitment to consumer safety and confidential data privacy in the new domain space. In the normal course of business, Progressive handles a great deal of highly sensitive personal information.

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The lack of cybersquatting, typo squatting, phishing, pharming, identity theft scams and other activities designed to profit from the creation of consumer confusion within the gTLD and the ability to have a single trusted source for all information about Progressive and its goods and services will minimize social costs and consumer vulnerabilities...

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globe pictureGeographic Dot Brands

Progressive will protect from registration domains that include terms with national or geographic significance as per Specification 5 of the New TLD Registry Agreement.

The application notes that geographically descriptive domains may be permissible if the registry can first reach agreement with the relevant governments.

Registry operator will work with respective GAC representatives of the country's relevant Ministry of Department to obtain their release of the names to the Registry Operator.

Possible .progressive Brand Domains


Brand names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective corporations. This site claims no association with or endorsement by any of these corporations and their marks are mentioned only to illustrate opinion presented in the public interest.

All quotations on this page are from the respective companies' official ICANN brand TLD applications unless otherwise stated.

Many possible theoretical dot brands are mentioned (in English). There are also countless possibilities in other languages. This has significant potential value for international navigation.

This site is focused on reporting the strategic impact of the brand domains on internet communication, competition and commerce, and some comment is speculative.

It is not a comprehensive overview of what some of the world's largest corporations have chosen to reveal about their plans for the implementation of their proprietary domain strings.

ICANN is particularly concerned with the technical, financial, security and legal issues associated with the new TLDs. These issues are beyond the scope of this website.

For a comprehensive overview of the brand domains and their impact on the web, refer to ICANN's website and the individual applications (large parts of which are publicly published).

If you have a particular interest in an individual company, the public aspects of their applications are available for download via these ICANN links: You can also search a complete list of applicants there.

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The Brand Domains — it's unprecedented — the advent of around 680 companies launching their own dot brands began in 2014.



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