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.merck (1)
.merck (2)



This small list of brand domains represents less than one eighth of around 680 pending applications. The potential collective impact on the internet is significant — given the immense resources and market power of these global corporations.

NOTE: IDNs (internationalized domain names) such as brand names in Chinese or Arabic scripts are not currently covered by this site.





The .dupont Dot Brand

E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company ("DuPont") brings world-class science & engineering to the world through innovative products, materials and services. It serves markets such as agriculture, nutrition, electronics, safety, construction, transport and apparel.

The .dupont TLD will provide a new global platform for its brand and serve as a unique selling proposition.

First and foremost, the purpose of the .DUPONT TLD is securing and protecting the Applicant's key brand ("DUPONT").

The .dupont extension is intended to provide trusted and secure global communications and transactions on the internet. "Broadly speaking the mission and purpose can be divided into security and convenience related issues." The .dupont string will be able to present genuine company information via intuitive navigation at the top level of the domain name system hierarchy.

Seal Of Quality

Dupont describes its new TLD as a "seal of quality". The Applicant's stakeholders will be able to utilize the new domains as trusted and recognizable identifiers of company content.

The company believes the .dupont string may bring a high level of specificity and recognition to the domain name system. Content will be guaranteed to be official Dupont content. The company will be clearly identified as the registry operator and source of that content.

quotation mark

Where in most cases the specific connotation that has been initially given to the gTLDs (or even ccTLDs) has disappeared, the .DUPONT top-level domain is currently intended to be unambiguous.

quotation mark

The company holds many registered trademarks around the globe.

quotation mark

The main reason for which DuPont submits this application for the .DUPONT TLD is that it wants to prevent third parties from securing the TLD that is identical to DuPont's highly distinctive and reputable brand.

quotation mark

Dupont will seek to mitigate counterfeiting and piracy through the use of the .dupont TLD. As a secure platform, the Applicant will be able to "offer more trustworthy transactions worldwide".

The roll-out of the .dupont string is likely to be considered and gradual. Possible cited strategies include direct & indirect marketing, branding campaigns, brochures and press & internet advertisements (including paid search and pay per click). Dupont may also redirect traffic from existing domains to new .dupont domain names.

quotation mark

At this stage, DuPont has not developed concrete and tangible plans in order to move its online activities from its and many other active domain names used by DuPont and its subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures.

quotation mark

Further, the company is only at an early stage of its application and does not yet have detailed plans for the types of domains that will be registered, who (in the company or affiliates) will be allowed to register and use them, and what uses will be allowed or recommended. The Applicant does state that "DuPont envisages registering a fair number of generic words that are directly or indirectly related to the day-to-day business activities and operations..."

globe pictureGeographic Dot Brands

With regard to reserved geographic domains, Dupont will first seek consent before registering and delegating them in accordance with Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement. (Certain country and territory names are currently on a restricted list on behalf of various governments).

If and when geographic domains are used, they will be used solely to advance the interests of the Applicant and to promote "local commercial activity in the geographic locations of which the name has been registered..."

Given the fact that the Applicant is a multinational company, it has a vested interest in providing... ...a clear and predictable naming scheme in the .DUPONT TLD. Since visitors and clients are mainly looking for offers and activities organized by local DUPONT branches and subsidiaries on the basis of their geographic location, the Applicant may indeed develop plans in order to register domain names that exclusively contain geographic names...

Possible .dupont Brand Domains


Brand names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective corporations. This site claims no association with or endorsement by any of these corporations and their marks are mentioned only to illustrate opinion presented in the public interest.

All quotations on this page are from the respective companies' official ICANN brand TLD applications unless otherwise stated.

Many possible theoretical dot brands are mentioned (in English). There are also countless possibilities in other languages. This has significant potential value for international navigation.

This site is focused on reporting the strategic impact of the brand domains on internet communication, competition and commerce, and some comment is speculative.

It is not a comprehensive overview of what some of the world's largest corporations have chosen to reveal about their plans for the implementation of their proprietary domain strings.

ICANN is particularly concerned with the technical, financial, security and legal issues associated with the new TLDs. These issues are beyond the scope of this website.

For a comprehensive overview of the brand domains and their impact on the web, refer to ICANN's website and the individual applications (large parts of which are publicly published).

If you have a particular interest in an individual company, the public aspects of their applications are available for download via these ICANN links: You can also search a complete list of applicants there.

ICANN new gTLD applications

ICANN official website



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The Brand Domains — it's unprecedented — the advent of around 680 companies launching their own dot brands began in 2014.



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