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.merck (1)
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This small list of brand domains represents less than one eighth of around 680 pending applications. The potential collective impact on the internet is significant — given the immense resources and market power of these global corporations.

NOTE: IDNs (internationalized domain names) such as brand names in Chinese or Arabic scripts are not currently covered by this site.





The .google Dot Brand

Google Inc. the internet search company is focused on facilitating users to connect with information around the globe. Its mission is to make the world's information widely available. The company is continually developing technology to help online business. This vast scope includes search functions, enterprise-scale business applications and local and global ad solutions. In 2011 alone the company invested more than $3 billion in IT infrastructure.

The proposed .google TLD is intended to provide a dedicated channel for the company to continue and expand the trajectory of its online offerings. It will supplement its existing online identities and help categorize them. "It will also generate efficiencies and increase security by reducing Google’s current dependence on third-party infrastructure."

It will provide an expedient way for visitors to access aggregated Google content.

Google also believes that its sole ownership and operation of the TLD is a factor in serving the public interest.

quotation mark

Charleston Road Registry aspires to create unique web spaces where users can learn about Google products, services and information in a targeted manner and in ways never before seen on the Internet...

...The mission of the proposed gTLD, .google is to make the world's information universally accessible and useful through the streamlined provision of Google services.

quotation mark

NOTE: Charlston Road Registry is owned by Google.

The Applicant sees the .google string as an opportunity to create a highly recognizable and branded destination for the public and its own employees. It will also be seen to be a trusted web space. It will be a medium to expand Google's reputation and further enhance its brand.

The public will recognize that all .google domain names are authentic and authoritative Google websites. The flexibility and specialization of the TLD means Google will be able to "easily link its products, services and countries of operation". This will assist in the goal of providing users with the highest level of quality, reliability, speed and service. One of Google's core principles is to "focus on the user and all else will follow". Another is that "great isn’t good enough".

Google is committed to anticipating needs not yet articulated by its global audience, and meeting them with products and services that set new standards.

The .google extension will provide an authoritative destination that is clearly differentiated from other TLDs.

quotation mark

The .google gTLD provides Google with the opportunity to differentiate its online content by linking its offerings to a unique gTLD, signaling to users that this is a Google owned and operated space. Google will be able to quickly distinguish new products and services it develops and/or acquires by offering them in the proposed gTLD.

quotation mark

Google believes that the launch of its own TLD, in tandem with other new registries and domain strings, will help foster competition on the internet and "spur innovation in the gTLD space". The Applicant also hints that it already has imaginative and unique plans to leverage the possibilities of the new string: "In addition, Google may choose to innovate within its portfolio of web spaces and introduce distinguishing feature(s)...".

Google's outreach and communications program will have a focus on promoting Google's ownership and authenticity of the .google string with the broader goal of encouraging user interaction.

The company intends to promote its portfolio of TLDs collectively (it has also applied for around 100 other new TLDs in the ICANN expansion program). This is expected to maximise the impact on modifying consumer behavior and contribute to the acceptance of all other new TLDs as well.

The Applicant also intends to use local communications platforms as appropriate.

Charleston Road Registry will reach out... to deliver its mission and message to the public, including but not limited to: press briefings, videos posted on various Internet sites, blogs and other social media, and paid advertising.

Google intends to maintain a high level of security in all facets of operation, with access to data and information systems carefully restricted and backed by two-factor authentication.

"Charleston Road Registry will strive to ensure the appropriate level of privacy and security will be met for its users."

quotation mark

The gTLD will also allow Google to more securely work in communities where access to dependable and safe online services are limited or fragmented and provides the opportunity to reach a broader cross-section of current and potential global Internet users.

quotation mark

globe pictureGeographic Dot Brands

In accordance with ICANN's New gTLD Applicant Guidebook, Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement and in the "spirit" of the GAC Principles Regarding New gTLDs, Google will reserve the English country and territory names described in the ISO 3166-1 list etc.

Google will not use any full country names in English or other reserved languages.

However, it does have plans to " reserve current and future country abbreviations for use at the second-level". (Second level = left of the dot.) An example might perhaps be

CRR (Google's registry) plans to make these two letter geographic abbreviation identifiers available to Google to provide localized content via second-level domains. Google's Web Search and other services are customized for a number of countries and regions across the world, and these two letter second level domain names would be used to provide a namespace...

Google's application differs from most others in that it does not seem to state that it will be applying through the appropriate channels for use of reserved geographic domain names. It will just go ahead and use them.

However, it makes the supporting points that the TLD is a private trademark and will not be confusing with any country or region. Any country code terms used with the .google extension would be directly "tied to Google’s brand and offerings". And, Google has no interest in competing with official country code domains or government websites.

[Nevertheless, authorized country code registries such as Denic (the official .DE registry for Germany) may object to Google attempting to use]

Google has a growing focus on providing localized content and is particularly aware of the importance of this service in developing nations.

...CRR intends to fully utilize the abbreviated country code names to harness the TLD to provide localized content, especially to the developing world. Throughout 2011, several chapters of the Internet Society in developing nations have found that despite growing connectivity in their nations, Internet usage and electronic commerce were not thriving due to a lack of localized content.

(See also geographic note in section below).

NOTE: CRR = Charlston Road Registry, Google's registry.

Possible .google Brand Domains (specifically named in the application)*

* The rationale for this domain is specifically explained by the Applicant. As mentioned above, Google intends to use the .google string to make a significant advance in providing localized content in regions around the globe.

"BW" is the two letter acronym for Botswana — hence would be an excellent intuitive search engine domain for the citizens of Botswana.

So if you live in Botswana, a search for "restaurants" on would return much more relevant results than on The Google algorithm would preference Botswana content for searches on this site. Such domains would hence be in the public interest.


Brand names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective corporations. This site claims no association with or endorsement by any of these corporations and their marks are mentioned only to illustrate opinion presented in the public interest.

All quotations on this page are from the respective companies' official ICANN brand TLD applications unless otherwise stated.

Many possible theoretical dot brands are mentioned (in English). There are also countless possibilities in other languages. This has significant potential value for international navigation.

This site is focused on reporting the strategic impact of the brand domains on internet communication, competition and commerce, and some comment is speculative.

It is not a comprehensive overview of what some of the world's largest corporations have chosen to reveal about their plans for the implementation of their proprietary domain strings.

ICANN is particularly concerned with the technical, financial, security and legal issues associated with the new TLDs. These issues are beyond the scope of this website.

For a comprehensive overview of the brand domains and their impact on the web, refer to ICANN's website and the individual applications (large parts of which are publicly published).

If you have a particular interest in an individual company, the public aspects of their applications are available for download via these ICANN links: You can also search a complete list of applicants there.

ICANN new gTLD applications

ICANN official website



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The Brand Domains — it's unprecedented — the advent of around 680 companies launching their own dot brands began in 2014.



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